January 25th, 2018

Wow!  A packed venue, with incredible leaders in the crowd and on the stage. I am humbled by the caliber of people who showed up. I want to say Thank You!

Our intent was to “inspire brands (leaders) to live their highest promise.”  From the feedback we received, I believe we made great strides towards that ideal.
A special thanks go out to Kim Lopdrup, CEO of Red Lobster Seafood Company, Michael Somoroff, CEO of Somoroff Studios, Stan Richards, Founder/CEO of The Richards Group, and General David Grange, CEO of Pharm-Olam International, for your inspiring contributions to the event.
If you are interested in knowing more about the BCP Highest Compelling Truth process, please send me an email at [email protected].  As a point of clarity, it is only those who go through the BCP Highest Compelling Truth process that are eligible to join the BCP Catalyst Club.
Concerning the two follow up events:
 The Catalyst Club Orientation
All available slots have been taken.
(send me an email if you are still interested)
 The Special Operations Executive Leadership Training
(click here to learn more about it)
If you have any interest in aligning your leadership team on your HCT, please contact me to discuss your options.
Inspiring brands to live their highest promise!
Stan Richard Videos

Owners, CEOs, Presidents and Top Level Executives.

Thank You to Some Very Special People

Tony Allen – Freeman XP
Justin Levin – Creative Director
Shawn Vela – Film Director
Keal Blache – Marketing
Lyn Burch – Cheerleader
Kobe Steakhouse
AXUM Coffee
Peterbrooke Chocolate
Strombeck Consulting
The Lifewealth Group
Trinity Surfaces
i4 Business
Somoroff Studios
Fulcrum Partners
Bruce Norris Mediation
Loba Creative
Regal Boats

Re-watch their BCP film!

Stan Richards

BCP’s First Legacy Award Winner

Stan Richards is the founder of the award winning agency known as The Richards Group.  Stan and his team are credited with breakthrough advertising campaigns for Chick Fil A, Motel 6, Home Depot, Ram Trucks, and many other brands. He is in the Art Director Hall of Fame with Walt Disney, and in the Advertising Hall of Fame.  The University of Texas named a school after him, the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations. We honored him for his ability to create a company culture that drives incredible results and garners the highest employee retention rates in the business.  He wrote a book called The Peaceable Kingdom, that outlines his philosophies about creating company culture.

Watch a Preview of Stan’s Story

Stan Richards is a Brand Catalyst Partner

Brand Catalysts are visionary leaders who consistently keep their promises. Guided by unwavering principles, they inspire their people to do great things. They speak with conviction about the difference they want to make in the world. Others naturally follow them with a sense of purpose.  When they put their ideals into action, resources are brought to focus and people work passionately to deliver on their promise.  Their brand is their signature, a public declaration of what they believe in. This unity of purpose and care for people is how they push the boundaries of what’s possible.  Leading companies that become stories worth telling. We love these leaders for who they are, and for inviting us to participate in their dreams.  For in this pursuit we all find a sense of fulfillment that we are a part of something bigger, something special.

Stan Richards is the epitome of a Brand Catalyst

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